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Reading and Phonics

Our NEW phonics scheme! 

At Moorland, we are very excited to announce that we have adopted a NEW phonics scheme. It is called 'Rocket Phonics' and it is a DFE validated story based systematic, synthetic phonics programme for Reception and Key Stage One. 

As a school, we have invested heavily in this new scheme to ensure that all of our pupils achieve phonic success. We have BRAND NEW copies of all of the titles available and ask you to respect and care for the books at home. All pupils will have a TARGET PRACTICE READING BOOK which provide focused practice of small groups of target letter-sounds. These books are fully decodable and fully aligned with the programme.


They will also have a ROCKET PHONICS READING BOOK. The Rocket Phonics range of reading books are the ideal complement to the programme as additional decodable reading practice books. These books are fully aligned to the programme and can be used as soon as all the letter-sounds in a particular colour band have been taught.

Reading Planet Rocket Phonics resources now available at Moorland Primary School!

Introducing Reading Planet Rocket Phonics

Please watch this video for some more information about Rocket Phonics.