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Together We Can


At Moorland Primary school we offer a language rich curriculum where everyone’s voice is heard and listened to.  We aim for every child to become an effective and confident communicator so that they can express themselves and share their knowledge and their ideas. We use the power of stories and real-life experiences to stimulate, excite and deepen language learning and in turn create successful, independent readers, writers and communicators.



Together we can open doors for our children which inspire and motivate them to become successful lifelong learners and responsible citizens.  Our curriculum is designed to celebrate the differences within our school community and instill a love of learning; where first hand experiences and enhancement opportunities engage every child so that they learn new knowledge and skills and successfully deepen their current understanding.



We bring our curriculum alive through our engaging planning and delivery. Our aim is to provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is inclusive for all.  Our teaching encourages children to explore, embed and develop expertise.  We ensure consistency and progression to support the seamless transition between year groups.