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Nursery Curriculum

Core Experiences


All aspects of development and learning in young children are interlinked and in Moorland Nursery we provide a broad, balanced and rich education through a range of ‘Core Experiences’ within both the indoor and outdoor learning environments which are planned around the long-term overview of “Seasons and Festivals”. The environment itself is carefully structured and rarely changed (unless for a very good reason linked to the children’s needs) as this promotes security and contunuity for the children. Children are able to come into the Nursery, decide what they will do, know that the activity will be there and where it will be situated. The curriculum offered to the children comprises of the following:


Book Corner and Reading

Malleable Materials



Craft, Design and Making

Home Corner

Mark Making

Paint and Colour Mixing

Music, Singing, Movement and Dance

Puzzles and Games

Wet and Dry sand

Small World

Water Play

Block Play and Construction

Role Play

Outdoor Learning

Discovery Area



These ‘Core Experiences’ provide a rich and stimulating curriculum for our Nursery children and each experience has at least one element from each of the six areas of learning. Children of all abilities and stages of development can access these experiences and progression is within each individual child’s previous level of skills and not in competition with other children. As they gain mastery over their environment, children become increasingly independent, which in turn enhances their confidence and self- esteem. Our curriculum is delivered through play, as play is the medium through which children within the ‘Early Years’ learn best.

Please go to the Ladybird Class Page on our School Website to view our Termly Curriculum.