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Every subject has a clear intent to ensure every member of the school community understands what we intend to achieve with our curriculum. 




We use our progression documents to support our long and medium term planning of every subject to ensure coverage of the required skills. These are based upon the National Curriculum and are intended to meet the needs of the children at our school. Our curriculum supports our children to embed their learning into their long term memory as our teachers continuously revise key prior learning and  is carefully planned to ensure that there is progression of subject knowledge and skills throughout each child's learning journey. 


The Fundamentals


In the non-core subjects and Science, we have chosen the fundamental skills and vocabulary we feel our the most important skills that each child should achieve in each year group at Moorland Primary School. This allows all teachers to understand the learning journey the children will embark upon in every subject and address any gaps in prior knowledge.


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If you would like further information about our school curriculum please speak to our school office.