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Year 4 - Badgers

Welcome to Year 4


Miss Gargan is our teacher and Miss Petrie is our TA.


We have PE every Thursday  


There are still some activities that can be learnt at home during our social distancing - it's the perfect time to learn how to sew a button back on.  How inventive can you be?


The ‘My Activity Passport’ list is part of the Education Secretary’s vision for every child to have the opportunity to enjoy new and varied experiences, no matter their background - comprising of key areas: drive and tenacity; sticking at the task at hand; understanding how to work towards long term goals when reward might be a long way off in the future; and being able to pick yourself up and bounce back from life’s challenges.

The Year 4 passport is below... how many activities can you tick off with your child this year?

Story Time - sit back, relax and be taken to another place by your imagination!