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What Is A Smart School Council?

What Is A Smart School Council?  1

Our Smart School Council represents the views of all our children. It gives everyone the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community.

•It’s different to a normal school council
•It involves every child in the school
•Why? Because we want every child to use their voice and develop their skills, not just a few.

Action Teams

What Are Action Teams?

Groups set up by students to make a difference to the school community by:


changing something in school for the better,
or sharing a passion.

They give students the power to make decisions and become leaders of change. 

How Do I Get On An Action Team?

Anyone can either start or join an Action Team.
All you need is an idea, some people to help you, and a member of staff to sponsor you.


The most important point to remember is that the success of an Action Team is up to you. It will only work if you make it happen.