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Autumn 2

Together we can... Explore the world!



The topic this term is focussed on 'Our Wonderful World'.

We aim to explore the continents and oceans around the globe, venturing far and wide... through the use of atlases and online resources.


No sailing on the seven seas, unfortunately.


This topic will develop the learners understanding of the types of settlements found around the world and why they can be so different. Throughout the term, we will be studying maps and aerial photographs to investigate the human/physical features of different habitats/settlements. We will enrich our vocabulary by using positional and directional language whilst we explore the world... together!  


Let's hope nobody is lost along the way.




Knowledge Organiser



We will be learning about different non-fiction genres, such as informational texts, which focus on wild animals and mini-beasts.


We aim to write recounts, instructional texts, diary entries and many other non-fiction writing styles. Our writing will include time connectives, the past tense, first-person narrative and lots of passion!


Some of the texts being used are...





We will be learning the composition of numbers to 10, the recall of number pairs and how to identify numbers greater or less than each other whilst using the appropriate mathematical symbols.


We are working hard to develop our subtraction/addition ability with one or two-digit numbers. Online resources, such as TTRockstars and numbots, are used to practise and achieve excellence in our recall of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.